AnEland Glampdome wakayamashirahama
2022.7 NEW OPEN

"Extraordinary and Otherworldly Experience"

AnEland Glampdome wakayamashirahama

While being an uninhabited island in Tanabe Bay
which is located in "Nanki Shirahama", it is shaped
like the letter "E" that can be landed on by car.
A sophisticated and high-class glamping facility was established on that special island.
CES RESORT, the company behind the Glamp Dome Ise Kashikojima and the GLAMP DOG Ise Kashikojima
in Ise-Shima
is ready to provide you with a comfortable experience.
That is "AnEland".

a private beach

Combination of great nature and sophisticated design
Enjoy a special day on a private beach

Being an uninhabited island, it is surrounded entirely
by the sea and has a private beach.
It is a combination of great nature
and a sophisticated design.
Maximizing customer satisfaction has always been
a priority for CES RESORT.
In terms of service, we offer upgraded inclusive services
to make all our customers satisfied.

Uninhabited island×Resort

Uninhabited island×Resort

Enjoy the blessed time with your loved ones
in the great nature.
In the spacious private space, in addition to the dome tents
that serve as bedroom, there is a private barbecue area,
a bathroom
allowing you to feel the nature, a toilet,
and a washbasin,
ensuring a comfortable trip even
in the midst of nature.


Special selected ingredients from Wakayama Prefecture
Glamping BBQ Menu

Here in Wakayama, there are many delicious ingredients from both
the mountains and the sea
which are nurtured by the mild climate.
The seasonal ingredients such as premium Japanese beef
“Kumano beef”, marine products, plums, and mandarin oranges will make your special time more enjoyable.

Full range of activity experience

Things you can only experience here
Full range of activity experience

Sauna overlooking the ocean allows you
to revitalize in the midst of nature.
Gather around the bonfire and get intoxicated by music.
There is a bar counter set up
in front of illuminated bare rock.
Of course the bar is FREE, no extra fee will be charged.
To freshen your taste buds, you can enjoy Haagen-Dazs
to your heart's content
or sorbets made with local ingredients.
We also offer many other marine activities
at affiliated facilities.

  • Separate toilet/shower

  • Separate BBQ area

  • Administration Building

Anniversary service

  • Anniversary service plan


  • We are glad to answer any questions you may have about our facilities.
    You can check the detailed information about facilities and equipment on the rooms page of this website.



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